Mission, Vision & Core Values


We educate men and women of character

who strive to live according to the Christian ideal,

do their work extraordinarily well,

and positively impact their families,

the nation, and the world.


We are a community of schools

committed to support parents,

who are the primary educators of their children,

by providing personal integral education

in pursuit of academic excellence and a life of virtue.


Service to God and Others

Love for the Truth

Order and Hard Work

Optimism and Cheerfulness

Statement of Principles

All the schools of the PARENTS FOR EDUCATION FOUNDATION INC. (PAREF) aim to give their students complete human, intellectual, cultural, spiritual, moral, aesthetic and physical formation in an atmosphere of personal freedom and responsibility.

PAREF holds the principle that education begins at home; that parents have the natural and primary responsibility of educating their children; that parental authority includes the care and upbringing of children towards the development of their moral character and well being; that the children have the right to be brought up in an atmosphere of morality and rectitude for the enrichment and strengthening of their character; that the family is the seedbed of this formation.

PAREF affirms the complementary role of the School in the education and formation of children. In this collaborative undertaking with the parents, the School commits itself to guarantee, safeguard and promote the right of the child to be raised in an atmosphere conducive to morality and rectitude and confirms its duty to give the parents the necessary support towards their own formation, to enable them to carry out effectively their sublime calling.
Grounded on these precepts and in conformity with its legal framework, PAREF assists students, parents, teachers and staff to live faithfully the Catholic Faith, (or the faith they profess) and to honor and live by its ideals, with a delicate respect for the freedom of consciences.

All academic courses offered in PAREF Schools follow the curricula required by the Philippine Government. The Schools profess and honor the values and ideals of the Filipino culture. The religious instruction is based on the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
Formation offered by the PAREF Schools consists of:

a) Demanding and wholistic academic program.
b) The mentoring system as the distinctive feature of personal formation and collaboration with the parents.
c) Imparting broad humanistic and cultural formation.
d) Encouraging the practice of human virtues towards the development of personal maturity, leading each person to achieve perfection in his work according to his ability.

Within the framework of the law, the PAREF School Board has the over-all responsibility of directing, organizing and developing all the teaching and formative programs and activities of the school, and of ensuring that parents, teachers, non-teaching staff and students faithfully adhere to the formation described herein.

The PAREF teaching staffs are committed to freely and responsibly take as their own these declared principles and to use them in their tasks of teaching and formation, pursuant to the rules and guidelines prescribed by the School. The school shall select, organize, conduct and offer the courses and activities it deems necessary and promotive of the formation and professional development of the PAREF teaching staff.

The administrative and support staff of PAREF adhere to these ideals and principles and are committed to perform their functions in solidarity with the School Board, Management Committee and teaching staff. As the object and end of the PAREF system, it devolves on the parents to guide their children to reflect in their daily life the teachings and ideals imparted to them at home and at the school, and to always act in solidarity with all members of the school community.

As a necessary means to develop character and personal responsibility, the norms of academic discipline, as embodied in the School Handbook and in directives and standards of conduct promulgated from time to time by the School Board, shall be respected by all.

To enable the School to effectively carry out its mandate, it needs the loving fulfillment by the parents of their parental calling through a sincere gift of self, their active involvement in the total formation of the child, their regular participation in the parental formation program of the School and their adherence to this Statement of Principles.