The educational philosophy of PAREF Schools is inspired by the teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva on two main ideas – (1) integral education; and (2) parents as the primary character educators of their children.

Integral education develops a child into a well-rounded individual by forming all aspects of a person—the physical, social, intellectual, moral, and spiritual—in an atmosphere of love for the truth as well as respect for the dignity and freedom of the person. Thus, students are taught not only to master the necessary knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the workplace, but also to form deep convictions that will help them to lead coherent Christian lives and to contribute positively as members of their family, Philippine society, and the world.

The education of children is, first and foremost, the responsibility of parents. Therefore, collaboration and partnership between the school and the home are essential to ensure the student’s holistic development that help the student achieve their potentials and direct them towards doing good.