Personal Formation: Students

Virtue of the Month (VOM)

A virtue, simply defined, is a good habit. Each month, a specific virtue is emphasized so students become familiar with it. Concrete means of practicing the VOM are also suggested, in order to help students overcome daily challenges and obstacles.

Student Assemblies

Periodically, the Director, the ADAS, the Principal or a Level Coordinator meets with students to talk about the VOM or some other formative topic.

Student Seminars and Educational Trips

The School organizes student seminars and educational trips for your class every school year. During these activities, students get to know their classmates and teachers better, learn to love the outdoors, and become more self-reliant. In some seminars, they learn more about their civic duty and perform some community service. Seminar and trips are good opportunities to practice the virtues: spirit of service, understanding, order, toughness, teamwork, and piety.

Mentoring Chats

A teacher is assigned to each student to be their mentor for the year. In the spirit of friendship, the mentor ensures that students reflect on their own conduct and learning, and identify resolutions for personal improvement.