Spiritual Formation

The fourth education goal is a light in which one sees the other three. Its light is the light of faith. Spiritual Formation in grade school and high school is especially education in the faith (fides quoud) and formation in faith (fides qua). The activities which make up the spiritual formation program are religious instruction, the sacraments, and spiritual direction. The student who takes the spiritual formation program seriously grows in the faith and Christianizes the human formation he is given in the very act of assimilating it.

Needless to say, the child’s dispotition towards the faith is formed at home. Parents have a most important role in spiritual formation. The spiritual formation of the child is primarily their duty, and secondarily, by delegation, the school’s.

The teacher teaching his students in the classroom, the mentor conversing with his mentee on the bench: these are the essential activities of PAREF Schools. They are the heart of the school. Education takes place there. Everything else in the school exist to make them possible, to make sure they succeed, and to protect them.

Executive Summaries of Catholic Doctrine

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